Yes, the site is back

The site is back, for several reasons. After almost three months of using Google+, I’ve found most people with sites and blogs still use them, and use Google+ as a feeder (not unlike Twitter) redirect traffic to their site. Which is fine, I could care less about traffic to my stuff, I’m not running advertising or trying to make money from my site.

The bigger issue is I can’t do everything I want to do as far as presenting content with Google+. It’s not lacking, it’s a little tough because there isn’t reference to some of the things I post, so you can’t easily find the older stuff. Great, I can direct certain people to certain things, not so good when I want it organized in a way in which it’s easy to find.

Google Plus can be a little overwhelming for some, and I understand some people just don’t want to use it. A variety of reasons plays out – they are too attached to Facebook, they don’t “get” Google Plus, some of the other things are too overwhelming, they think they have to join, etc.

I began to experiment. And I found Blogger (A Google owned entity) serves my needs much better than WordPress, it’s easier, and with it being essentially Google, it will tie into everything else easily. Posting videos to WordPress was cumbersome, for example, and Blogger is much easier to add that content to – and most of all, there’s a LOT more choices as far as layout, fonts, etc. More than Squarespace, or any of the other platforms I’ve tried.

So it’s back, I’m still on Google Plus, still not big on Facebook (I friend no one except my wife), and it’s time to get this back in gear.


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