Stop the Bullying – Be An Advocate

This happened in our county [see news footage here]. It’s happening all across America. No one should use the excuse that bullying happens in every school and that you just have to “stand up to the bully” or “ignore” someone that teases or harasses you. There is something that can be done about this. Everyone involved, especially students, has to step up and adopt a zero tolerance for bullying. It takes everyone, the school administration, the parents, the teachers, and the students to end this. No student should hate going to school and feel like they are checking into their own personal prison.

Think back to your school days. Were you bullied? Did you bully someone? Most importantly, did you stand up for students being bullied or did you let it happen?

If you are in school now, don’t be silent when you see someone being bullied. Come to their defense and report the incident(s). Be an advocate. You might be helping someone more than you will ever know.

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