The Power Of Social Media (or) Snappy Tomato Cleaned Their Lamps

Last week, on a visit to Snappy Tomato Pizza in Fort Wright, KY, I encountered something disturbing. The heat lamps over their pizza buffet were covered in dust. They were so dusty, I had no problem capturing a photo of the dust with my smartphone – I didn’t have to zoom in, tag the dust in Photoshop with an arrow, etc. The picture in it’s natural form told the story.


Naturally, I contacted the health department the next day (I don’t know the outcome on that one) Additionally, I posted the picture on Twitter, Yelp, Google Plus, and Facebook, the latter as a response to a prize drawing on Snappy Tomato’s Facebook page. It took a while, but they responded they were correcting the problem.

Today, in a brand new post, Snappy Tomato posted to their Facebook page a picture of shiny clean lights, tagging me and (I think) expecting an “atta boy”. While I commend their efforts for correcting the problem, I’m not comfortable returning to that location and I hinted at the reason why in my reply to their post:

Yes, they are much cleaner – wonder if the rest of the restaurant is. I mean, this is the part we *can* see. What about what we “can’t* see?”

What I find interesting is others are beginning to post about their experiences and ask why locations are now closed, complain about ordering and problems with staff… I hardly think what I posted started a litany of complaints… I’m sure it’s not the first time Snappy Tomato has encountered this.

It’s good that they respond and they are correcting the problem. They definitely lost me as a customer – I won’t be back. Perhaps they can turn things around before they lose other customers for good. The most interesting part of this is this would have gone unchecked even longer without social media delivering the story.

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