Kev on TWiT’s All About Android #38

I submitted a video to All About Android in response to the “Android Arena” in episode #37. Clearly, Android users impatient for the arrival of Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest update to the Android OS, were pleased with Jason Howell’s selection for the Arena segment. He chose a Go Locker pack which replicates Ice Cream Sandwich. Installing the app is a bit complicated for those unfamiliar with Go Locker – you have to have Go Locker installed prior to the ICS “pack”, then activate the pack through Go Locker’s settings.

Episode #37’s Arena showcased 99-cent apps, and the kerfuffle began when guest Jason Appelbaum pointed out that Howell’s entry was $1 in the Android Market. I discovered a similar app that was free, which works exactly the same.

Naturally, I had to create a video and submit it to TWiT, explain the app, and throw a little support Jason’s way (he did have the best app). It airs in the Android Arena segment, which begins at the 47:20 point. It’s still confusing – everyone on the panel thought Jason’s app went from $1 to free – the deal is, the free one is a completely different app in the Android Market.

Confusing, indeed. The whole mess could be easily remedied by bringing ICS to my Nexus S (hint, hint Google).


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