My Faves in 2011: Netcasts

Since receiving a Roku XD last year, I watch more netcasts than actual television programming. Here are my Top 10 for 2011. Selections available on Roku are marked with [*].

10: CHOW’s “You’re Doing It All Wrong” (CHOW) [*]: from how to eat sushi to making a grilled cheese sandwich, this show sets people straight on the do’s and don’ts of cooking. [average episode length = 2 minutes]

9: Internet Killed Television (YouTube): Charles and Alli continue to make daily videos for YouTube. They have posted a video every day for almost THREE years now. Oh, and they recently got married. I still miss the original theme song.  [average episode length = 12 minutes]

8: Buzz Out Loud (CNET): The original and epicenter for what became TWiT’s Tech News Today, Buzz Out Loud has that comfortable feel on CNET that TNT lost when it moved from the TWiT cottage to the TWiT Brick House.  [average episode length = 30 minutes]

Paul Thurrott will answer and interact
with viewers more than any other host.

7: Windows Weekly (TWiT) [*]: Host Paul Thurrott tells it like it is. Whether Microsoft does something great or makes a blunder, Paul is completely honest. He’s also been known to give kudos to Apple on occasion, although those accolades are few and far between. The show added Mary Jo Foley to cover the Enterprise, and hilarity ensues when Paul talks about gaming. When Mary Jo talks about Azure… not so much.  [average episode length = 40-75 minutes]

6: App Judgement (Revision 3) [*]: Quick and byte-sized, the App Judgement crew on Revision 3 manages to get to the point and inform you about the apps without talking things to death. Kudos.  [average episode length = 5 minutes]

5: Security Now (TWiT) [*]: Steve Gibson shares all the details about security on the internet and elsewhere. Brilliantly and painstakingly researched, amazingly detailed, every show has a printed transcript, actually SIX resources including supplemental material. Steve would never steer us in the wrong direction. His in-depth analysis and recommendation of LastPass is a must-see.  [average episode length = 45-90 minutes]

Evan Brown on “This Week in Law”

4: This Week In Law (TWiT) [*]: Probably the only show on the TWiT network that begins and ends on time consistently. Host Denise Howell covers almost everything on the agenda on every show. There’s something to be said for “billable hours”. Both Denise and Evan Brown manage to keep things on a fairly objective keel. Terrific show, interesting guests, TWiL is a show that really deserves more attention on the TWiT network than it gets.  [average episode length = 60 minutes]

3: All About Android (TWiT) [*]: This show really is all about Android, covering a regimented list of categories including hardware, apps, Android news, and the extremely competitive Android Arena. The three person panel works very well together: Jason Howell, Eileen Rivera, and Ron Richards (Ron is also on the #6 show, App Judgement). This show is a must for any Android user. [average episode length = 40-75 minutes]

Harley Morenstein of “Epic Meal Time”

2: Epic Meal Time (Revision 3) [*]: Completely worthless, mindless drivel. Gratuitous use of bacon and liquor. Excessive fast food purchasing, pointless over-eating. Overuse of condiments, especially sauces. Food combinations that should never be. Something that should never be missed. It clears the palate of all the tech talk I watch.  [average episode length = 7 minutes]

Gina Trapani on TWiG

1: This Week in Google (TWiT) [*]: The perfect combination of journalism/publicness/analysis from Jeff Jarvis and developer Gina Trapani (creator of LifeHacker). TWiG (another TWiT network production) may derail occasionally into discussions about Glee or Chipotle, but there’s no better way to get this unique perspective on Google. Jarvis and Trapani are open and don’t mince words about Google’s activities. They praise when it is deserved, and aren’t afraid to say “WTF?” when warranted. What’s really fantastic is Google takes the good with the bad, and doesn’t pretend there’s never issues or room for improvements like Apple does. This show is so good, employees watch while they work on the Google campus.  [average episode length = 45-100 minutes]

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