Blue Oyster Cult: On Tour Forever

The original video for “Burnin’ For You” from Blue Oyster Cult (1981). This is one of my favorite rock songs ever. It’s perfect right down to every note of the guitar solo. I had never seen this video – someone posted it on Google Plus tonight.

This is one of those songs I play in the car and the kids ask “are these guys still alive?

Of course they are. I saw them play live several years ago at what is now the Oldenberg Brewery on Buttermilk Pike. There were some subtle differences when comparing that show with the BOC that sold out arenas in the 70s touring with Black Sabbath:

Concertgoer dialogue circa 1976: “Tommy! Don’t look at the lasers! It’s super dangerous!”

Concertgoer dialogue circa 2006: “Did he just say ‘How ya doin’ Fort Mitchell???”

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