The BEST Bohemian Rhapsody Cover EVER

I don’t like it much when someone messes with a classic. I am of the belief that John Lennon’s “Imagine” simply shouldn’t be covered by anyone. Another classic that is special and shouldn’t be touched is Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

Until now.
Richie Castellano created the most incredible, respectful, perfect, painstakingly-filled-with-love cover I’ve ever heard. With each layer, I fell more in love with this song than I did the first time I heard it in 1978. And to hear the perfect falsetto in the operatic section… I actually got goosebumps.
Enough of what I have to say about it – you have to experience it for yourself:
After you are totally blown away by this, read about Richie’s passion for the song on his blog and how he re-created this epic masterpiece.

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