Forever on the Favorites List

When this song came out in 1989, I was immediately hooked. From the chug-a ka-chuga of the drum machine to the immaculate keyboard solo and the chord progression near the end, my opinion was (and still is) Jane Child created a pop masterpiece. The lyrics could have been “I want to eat out of garbage cans” and I still would have thought it was awesome.

The song was so far removed from anything else I was actively listening to at the time, and it’s stuck with me as a favorite ever since.

…And Jane could not look any more “unique” when it came out. Her nose was pierced, and connected to her ear by two chains – I used to joke that if she sneezed too hard, she would rip her ear off. It appears Jane wore her entire jewelry collection at once, perhaps setting off airport magnetometers from the parking lot was one of her hobbies. I hope she didn’t spend all her profits from this magnificent song on hair products and bracelets.

The accompanying video had a gritty urban feel to it, showcasing Jane’s dedication to her art and individuality. Enjoy the song, it’s definitely worth your time.

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