NBC Blacked Out: Hearst and Time Warner/Insight at Impasse

So anyone in the Greater Cincinnati area on Time Warner or Insight in Northern Kentucky can’t see Jimmy Fallon tonight, or any other NBC programming for that matter.

WLWT’s feed is blacked out due to an impasse in contract negotiations. LetsKeepItOn.com suggests alternatives, including watching NBC programming via Internet or Hulu. Personally, I’ll just do without, let everyone involved suffer. The site also says Hearst Television chose to blackout the signal, so blame them.

Wonder if any of this has to do with the Olympics starting July 27…

With so many alternatives to television (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, hundreds of other stations), is it really a good idea to inconvenience customers to get what you want in a contract negotiation?

More importantly, does this mean I can “blackout” paying my cable bill? I doubt it.

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