Google Searches “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”

Just when you thought Google ran out of things to search, a new feature arrives – the bacon number. Simply type “Bacon Number” followed by an actor’s name, and you the results will show how many degrees of separation exist between the actor and Kevin Bacon. It’s difficult to find bacon numbers higher than 2 or 3.​

Just for fun, I searched my own name, and didn’t get a result. It would have been a “2”, if the scene I walked through in the airport in Rainman hadn’t wound up on the cutting room floor. I was a ticket agent for Comair at the airport, and the producers had several of us passing through the walkway as Raymond explained to Charlie “Quantas never crashed.”​

It would have been cool to see

     Kevin Esmeier and Dustin Hoffman appeared in Rainman.

     Dustin Hoffman and Kevin Bacon appeared in Sleepers.​

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