Song of the Day #285: Hej Matematik – Sikke En Fest

What the hej? Yes, I spelled that correctly. “Hej” is “Hey” (“Hi” actually) in Danish.

Today’s Song of the Day comes from Denmark – Hej Matematik’s “Sikke En Fest”, which translates as”What A Party”. I love this group. Singer Søren Rasted used to be in Aqua, then recruited his nephew Nicholaj for form Hej Matematik. Yes, Søren wrote “Barbie Girl”. Every bit of Hej Matematik is in Danish, and I prefer it that way. It makes the vocals another instrument in the band and you don’t get hung up on the lyrics, so you’re not judging whether the song is stupid or not based on the words.

It’s interesting to hear some of the sounds in the Danish language, it sounds rather complex. If I were a young Dane in school, I know I would flunk every spelling test for sure.

If you absolutely must know the English lyrics to the song, you can find a translation here.

Hopefully, “Sikke En Fest” is the precursor to a third Hej Matematik album.

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