WWDC 2013: Aside from Phil Schiller, it was ‘eh’…

Schiller at WWDC
Schiller at WWDC

I watched the WWDC coverage Monday on TWiT. This was the only way I knew I would get to see it as close to “live” as possible. I think Tim Cook has relaxed the rules about re-broadcasting the keynote. Steve Jobs supposedly had it in for Leo Laporte and his network ever since he held up a laptop during the first iPad announcement and recorded part of Jobs’ presentation.

I don’t know why Apple doesn’t just broadcast it publicly – it would be far better than dealing with Laporte’s unceasing rambling commentary. (Personally, I don’t blame Jobs for blocking him, Leo and company can be quite obnoxious.)

But to the meat of WWDC. The only part that remotely came close to wowing me was the Mac Pro presentation (below). I really like Phil Schiller. He presents well and is genuinely excited about whatever product he is showcasing. My only issue in this case was Phil’s wardrobe – buddy – dress a little better. I know it’s a relaxed atmosphere, but you looked a little… well, frumpy. At least tuck the shirt in. This was the real presentation and it looked like a practice run.

The “innovate my ass” comment was priceless, but only fit during the Mac Pro portion of the keynote. The rest of the features for iOS and Mac OSX were underwhelming. Check out the fonts for iOS 7 in comparison to Android and Windows Phone:

I think the changes coming to iOS are all “fluff”. I doubt the multitasking is any better. Flattening the icons, changing the font, and removing the green felt from Game Center is not innovating.

And where did the name “Mavericks” come from for Mac OSX? Is this all a ruse to distract us from the fact that there is precious little changing in this new version? This had better be a free upgrade. In keeping with the cat theme, I expected OSX “Cheetah”“ or OSX ”Bobcat“ or something. Even OSX ”Hello Kitty“ would be better than ”Mavericks”.

Mac OSX Hello Kitty
Mac OSX Hello Kitty

When push comes to shove, Apple has got to keep the hardware innovation and software innovation in sync. The only significant change is iTunes Radio, a service which should be the final nail in Pandora’s coffin. iWork now works with iCloud (big whoop). If Apple really wanted to be radical, they would bring Microsoft Office to the iPad. That would bring more people to iPad that have been holding out for so long. Microsoft wants Office on the iPad, and it would definitely put a serious dent in sales of Surface.

So hopefully, Apple will wow us next time they have the chance. With new products, updates to old ones, and stellar services (oh maybe making Apple IDs work across the board), it is possible. Make it so.

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