Dear Android, I hate you.

Seriously. I should really direct my ire at Google, for continuing to fiddle with services, names, interactivity, etc.

I went to use Navigation on my phone yesterday, and it was gone. It’s now in “Car” – and totally useless. I had Waze on my Nexus S phone, so I tried that. Overloaded with bloated features and crap. Useless.

I know some of these changes went through a while ago. Contacts became People, etc. It’s all become more complicated, under the guise of making it simpler.

Screwing with Google Voice was the last straw. It’s now integrated into Hangouts, which is fine, but my computer “rings” now. I get home and 75 notifications fly across the screen. Chat is long gone (part of hangouts, I get it), but custom groups I made for chat didn’t carry over.

I started using WIndows Phone. It’s the old one they won’t update anymore, but that is kind of a blessing – they won’t update it anymore.

I don’t use a lot of apps. I don’t need Shazam, Kindle, blah blah blah all that crap on my phone. I use my iPad for that. I use my phone as a phone (radical, right?), and I text. I use the calendar sometimes. I use the camera. I don’t need every picture I take sent to Google.

There’s three things keeping me with Google – Google+, calendar, and Gmail. The rest can suck it.

I have over 100,000 emails from using GMail for 7 years. But, Google be advised – keep screwing with this and I can easily move elsewhere.

Guys – I just want the crap to work. I don’t need it to make steaks, launch rockets, or wipe my ass. Just make it work and keep it simple.


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