RRHOF Nominations – Dolly Parton really?

3.15.22: UPDATE: Dolly Parton removed herself from the voting process. Which largely makes the article below moot.

Ok, you knew I was weighing in on this. As much as I love Duran Duran and Eurythmics, and they deserve recognition, there are some others that are ahead in line and some that do not belong on this list at all – ever. My three would be Judas Priest (actual rock and roll and was integral to the metal “standard” – although, the RROF hates metal), Kate Bush, she’s simply brilliant and has made very powerful music and never compromised her art and presents a female perspective to music that is respectful and genuine. And it’s essential Devo gets in there this time. People think Devo are a joke band, but they were making hardcore punk music before it was cool, they were making music videos before there was MTV, they inspired so many bands from a technical aspect from Nine Inch Nails to Rush. Its time. Who it’s NEVER time for – Dolly Parton. While she’s a national treasure, blah blah blah, she has her own genre and until they start letting Nine Inch Nails into the Grand Ole Opry, she’s out. Any of her crossover material isn’t good enough to get her into RRHF (yes, I’m aware Whitney Houston sang “I will always love you”, but it was Whitney, not Dolly that took it global). I can’t name a single RATM song, and the RRHF isn’t going to pick them because they are too political and Tom Morello loses his mind on a regular basis (remember him climbing the set at the VMAs one year?). Lionel Richie’s solo material is weak in relation to the Commodores catalog (and NO it’s not time for the Commodores either), besides, Lionel Richie doesn’t tour and sold himself out to American Idol. Eminem is a joke compared to those already inducted. WHO SHOULD BE LISTED: Todd Rundgren, The Doobie Brothers, Gary Numan, and Nine Inch Nails. Way overlooked – Carole King. If they really want to show some respect, she needs to be on this list. She’s 79. How long are they going to put that off? Bottom line, like the Grammys, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame becomes increasingly more irrlelvant and it’s more about pandering to the people that will put money in their coffers rather than those that truly appreciate rock music. GO DEVO, JUDAS PRIEST, AND KATE!

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