Say what you want about SNL, but they hit it every now and again. My best friend took great delight in sharing Angelo with me – a skit with a foreign, minimalist singer, played by Aristotle Athari. Angelo is a world singing sensation – he takes one word from an audience member and turns it into a melodic masterpiece. Maybe. Rami Malek has a walk-on as Todd, the next hottest thing in dance. Maybe.

Only one of the Angelo skits aired – the one with Daniel Craig. A follow-up was planned in December, but the sketch was bumped. Just like the first performance, Angelo brings on a special guest and the Christmas version does not disappoint. I am surprised they bumped it, given the elaborate costume Billie Eilish wears. This is one of those times the actors can’t keep a straight face; Cicely Strong is the only one that can stay in character throughout.

Here are both sketches, hopefully SNL will continue to use this character in some future shows.

Thank you for this. Barpharbaras.

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