UPDATE – My use of Facebook

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This is an update on my use of Facebook. Facebook can be a useful resource for events, purchasing and selling used items, and staying connected with friends.

Unfortunately, the platform can also be a cesspool of misinformation and hate. It’s a mental health minefield for some people. I find it a waste of my time with all the ads and rabbit holes waiting to be explored, most of which add no value.

In my opinion, 85% of the content is a waste of time. Like any social media construct, it requires constant attention to survive. That’s built into the design. Keep them coming back. Add the natural drama and nefarious human behavior to the ecosystem and it is like bonus level-ups – the platform survives while the user base pays the price.

There’s also the security risk. Don’t get me started on that.

I have friends that prefer Messenger and for a few, it is the only way to contact them (unless you want to wait for hours even days for them to see a text message). It’s the only reason I stay. A note about Messenger, you can also use Messenger on my FB page for this site for contact, you do not have use the Friends option.

Since Messenger is a necessary evil, and I miss some things without Facebook, I decided to control as much of the things I share as possible. Hence, the website. The notion of “privacy” is a joke – know that EVERYTHING you put on the internet, even if “deleted” lives on in copies that replicate across networks, sitting out there, and once someone brings it forward, it explodes and goes viral. If you only learn one thing, learn that. Keeping that in mind, a website is public, and I have full control over the content. Another plus – I can cross platforms with the same content easily, so I have a Facebook page for my website and use Twitter to catalog the blog posts.

I’ve noodled with this before, and never kept up with it. This time is different, I did a soft-launch two months ago, and I’ve kept up with the site. It’s fairly easy. Not too easy, which keeps posting of internet banality in check.

So officially, I only post to Facebook via the FB page for my website. The personal feed won’t get anything else going forward.

I invite you to check out the site and the accompanying Facebook page, if you so choose.

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