Nine Inch Nails – Downward Spiral LIVE

Finally, an excellent compilation of live recordings of performances from The Downward Spiral. You will see some classic footage as well as more recent performances that include Atticus Ross.

See also: Nine Inch Nails – Live: Cold and Black and Infinite 2018

Track List: 00:00 Mr. Self Destruct 04:13 Piggy 10:46 Heresy 14:40 March Of The Pigs 19:06 Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now) 23:25 Closer 27:51 Burn 32:39 Ruiner 37:26 The Becoming 42:31 I Do Not Want This 48:22 Big Man With A Gun 50:00 Closer To God 54:02 A Warm Place 57:07 Eraser 01:02:00 Reptile 01:08:44 The Downward Spiral 01:12:25 Subterraneans 01:18:45 Dead Souls 01:24:00 Hurt

Credits: Rob Sheridan Videotape ThisOneIsOnUs The NIN Hotline Dizzyberkowitz hypreactiv

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