My Top 10 Albums: #1 – Rush – Moving Pictures

This post is part of a ten-part series showcasing my top 10 albums. Certain obvious legends (Beatles, Queen, Rolling Stones, etc.) are not in the list, these are albums not everyone knows or picks.

Rush’s Moving Pictures from 1981 is my top pick. I’ve never wavered from loving this album since I got it. I bought this album the day it came out, after becoming a Rush fan with 1976’s All The World’s A Stage. I had been listening to Permanent Waves (1980) for about six weeks and then this album burst on the scene.

In my opinion, this is a perfect record. Excellent production, the artwork is spot on right down to the colors and fonts, and every song is a diamond in the mine of Rush’s catalog. There are the popular singles “Tom Sawyer” and “Limelight”, the amazing instrumental “YYZ”, concert staple “Red Barchetta”, and just enough of the old Rush meets new Rush in “The Camera Eye” and “Witch Hunt”. Closing the record, “Vital Signs” is a hint of things to come, more complex rhythms and synths, which would dominate the next release, Signals in 1982.

1.Tom Sawyer4:34
2.Red Barchetta6:10
3.YYZ” (instrumental)4:26
5.“The Camera Eye”I.” (a.k.a “New York”)“II.” (a.k.a “London”)10:58
6.Witch Hunt” (Part III of “Fear”)4:46
7.Vital Signs4:46

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