My Top 10 Songs of 2022: #10 Harry Styles “Late Night Talking”

I am familiar with Harry Styles and One Direction. My younger daughter was (is) a One Direction fan and Harry was an immediate favorite.

When the solo albums began, I recognized the songs were well structured pop. But they didn’t become favorites of mine. Listenable, but not something I reached for.

That changed with Fine Line, and a song called “Sunflower, Vol. 6” and another standout track, “Lights Up”. I was beginning to feel a David Bowie kind of vibe, especially in the imagery of the album.

Along came a new album, Harry’s House, and several tracks I liked, the biggest being “Late Night Talking”. It’s a brilliant marriage of lyric and song, and I played it a lot the last year. It seems Thomas Hull (aka Kid Harpoon) wrote or co-wrote all the tracks I like. Something I’ll be looking into a bit more in 2023.

Here is #10, “Late Night Talking” from Harry Styles:

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