My Top 10 Songs of 2022: #6 Rammstein “Zick Zack”

There isn’t much more I can say that I have not already said about Rammstein. I “discovered” them this year and their excellent album Zeit.

My #6 entry is “Zick Zack”, from the Zeit album. Excellent song, superb video (as always), and a commentary on our obsession with our appearance.

Yes, it’s all in German (all their songs are), and if you look up the translation, the second verse is amusing:

All sagging above the chin
Can be pulled in the neck
Implants in the vessel
And we lift the buttocks
Knife, swab, general anesthetic
Seven kilos of riding trousers
And belly fat in the bio bin
The penis now sees the sun again

Here is the video for “Zick Zack”. Start stapling.

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