My Top 10 Songs of 2022: #2 Styx “Crash of the Crown”

I was fortunate to see Styx with my daughter this summer [setlist]. With four consecutive albums certified multi-platinum, the band is cemented in rock history for eternity. It’s impossible to go through a week without hearing one of their hits on television, in a grocery store or a bar. From South Park to marching band halftime shows, Styx is everywhere.

Their latest album, Crash of the Crown, brings them back to the prog rock forefront, where they belong. The musical talent and experience in this band is overwhelming. They’ve weathered all sorts of storms that would end most other bands. They endure.

The title track from the album is #2 on my Top 100 of 2022, clocking in at under four minutes and packed with music that could go far beyond that time. Less is more in this case, with the song ending, and the listener saying, “Wait – it’s over? I liked that”.

That’s what the repeat button is for. Check out the second place song in my top 10 songs of 2022 – “Crash of the Crown”. BONUS – Jump back to 1977 with “Fooling Yourself”, featuring founding member of Styx, Chuck Panozzo.

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