Best Demonstration of Mask Clearing

One of the skills that makes people most nervous in their scuba class is mask clearing. Demonstrations make it look really simple (and it is) and having the instructor show you then immediately ask you to try it can be daunting. Of course, I have recommendations regarding the skill – be patient, practice it often so it becomes second nature, use the pool to your advantage, stay in the shallow end so you can concentrate solely on the skill, etc.

Finally, there is a slow-motion video of how it’s done, what happens when you’re doing it, and the steps you take outlined in detail. With practice, you will do this using muscle memory and it won’t be a big deal at all. You will even be able to replace a completely removed mask easily.

If this is holding you back from learning to dive – the fear of losing the mask or having to clear a flooded one, put it in the rear view. There are so many safety measures built into dive gear and the sport itself that like anything, if you follow the instructions and pay attention, you will experience a spectacular result.

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