Site Update: Photo Attributions – Creative Commons

When I go back and look at entries from many years ago, some of the images are missing. Some linked directly with URLs, others were lost in redesigns and updates.

I started thinking about how I choose photos for my site and realized I’m right-clicking and taking whatever I want – not a great practice, actually. I wouldn’t be happy if someone did that with one of my photos – if I had a great shot and really cared about it. I am sure some people do.

My wife is a photographer and isn’t happy when someone uses one of her pictures and doesn’t give her credit. It’s a legitimate complaint, especially when we have a licensing program in place – Creative Commons. This allows me to use the photo legitimately, and give credit to the person that owns the original. The fair and legit way to do things.

You will start to see photo attributions for all the photos that aren’t mine (and I’ll license the ones that are mine) going forward.

  • Photo Credit: File was originally posted to Pixabay, was reviewed on 22 February 2020 by reviewer MGA73, who confirmed that it was available on Pixabay on that date.

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