Integration with Facebook Update

This is an explanation as to why I am using Facebook pages. I think it is best for interacting with those that are interested in seeing my activities and things about me to go to a Facebook page rather than a Facebook profile. The problem that I have with Facebook is the back and forth and drama that some people bring to it. The whole friending thing and the whole like thing, it’s ridiculous. With a Facebook page, I’m able to just toss things out there and you can decide whether you want to look at it or not. I’m not going to do anything that’s political or controversial, so I’m not pushing an agenda. I’m just promoting my page and my website where I’m putting things that interest me that I want to share with other people. And that’s all that it is. It’s very simple, it doesn’t have a lot of the negative aspects that come along with having a Facebook profile.

There is a big difference between a Facebook profile and a Facebook page. Most people have a Facebook profile and they friend other people and hit like on things about other people. A Facebook page is for a webpage, product, business, service or a blogger, and it’s very much one way. You don’t have to friend me to see it, you can follow it, it could show up in your feed, you can turn it off, you can turn it on, and we don’t get into the whole stigma and stickiness of why did you friend me, why did you unfriend me, why did you not hit like on the ants.

That will work much better than a Facebook profile. You may think, oh wait, what about my stuff and you? I want you to see my stuff and I want you to see what’s going on with me. I have relationships with people, not computers. So I will text you, call you, we’ll go to lunch, we’ll talk, we’ll interact like it’s 1985 and there are no computers because I don’t want to go through and wade through everybody’s whatever on Facebook.

I just rather talk to a human person than a Facebook profile. And let’s be honest, people manipulate their Facebook profile to only show the best stuff. They tweak their pictures or only tell the best stories or use it as a platform to complain. Everyone has a purpose in how they use it. I would much rather have a friendship with someone in the physical world than a virtual one. So that’s why I appear to not care about anyone’s Facebook posts.

I only have my immediate family as friends on Facebook because they do share things that are going on and we communicate that way sometimes. The other parts of Facebook I use are the events and the deals and Marketplace. In some places, Facebook is the only way you can connect with a business that is doing a giveaway or has a special offer or anything like that, and I’m not talking about the spam stuff. I’m talking about an actual physical store that says you have to “be on our Facebook page” or “you have to follow us on Facebook in order to be eligible” for whatever giveaway or whatever it is, bottom line, we all like free stuff.

I have actual human relationships with people and friendships in the real world rather than the virtual one. So that is why people who are genuinely interested in whatever I’m sharing should use my website and/or accompanying Facebook page.

Lastly, I don’t use Messenger anymore. I use Telegram.

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