TBT: “Spirits in The Material World” – The Police (1982)

A throwback to 1982, from the Ghost in The Machine album – I bought this album the day it came out and I played it mercilessly. I saw the tour (tickets were $12.50) and it was a great show.

I chose this song for Throwback Thursday because it opens the record and sets the pace with a catchy bass line, prominent and out front. This album precedes Synchronicity, and in my opinion is the last “pure” Police record. Synchronicity had clear divisions clearly showing which member composed a particular song. Ghost In The Machine showcases The Police before they became mega-huge and too large to sustain.

Interesting to note that “Secret Journey” from this album features guitar work that Andy Summers would prominently feature on his solo effort with Robert Fripp “I Advanced Masked” a few years later (that album is also definitely worth checking out.

So lets jump back to 1982 with The Police in Monserrat, where they recorded Ghost In The Machine and enjoy “Spirits In The Material World”.

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