These are establishments that I have completely written off; I will never return to any of these due to poor service, uncleanliness, or poor quality. Reviews are linked.

Cheddars, Houston Road, Florence, KY [Review] : poor service, incompetent management, unclean restaurant.

Wendy’s, Dixie Highway, Edgewood, KY [Review] : Health Department notified Jul 22; poor service, management extremely rude, employees smoking in store. UPDATE: The restaurant temporarily closed Jan 12, 2023, no reason given.

Rio Grande, Independence, KY [Review] : Poor service, uncaring wait staff, unclean/unsanitary conditions.

Mesa Loca, Hyde Park, Cincinnati, OH [Review] : Highly overrated on Chowdown Cincinnati, poor service, haphazard menu, poor food quality.

Pelican’s Reef, Beechmont Avenue, Cincinnati, OH [Review] : Poor food quality.

Red Robin, Houston Road, Florence, KY [Review] : Poor service, deteriorating food quality.

Texas Roadhouse, Houston Road, Florence, KY (only Florence location) [Review] : poor service.

Panera Bread (any location) [Review] : inconsistent restaurant to restaurant, app is defective and buggy, staff inconsistent in executing policies and procedures. Food portions smaller.

Montoya’s, Crescent Springs, KY [Review] : Has specific clientele and they only cater to them, occasional visitor is not in the “clique”. UPDATE: Restaurant changed owners since this review.

Rich’s Proper Food and Drink, Covington, KY [Review] : Poor food quality.

Joella’s Hot Chicken, Crescent Springs, KY [Review] : Poor food quality.

PCH Scuba, Los Angeles, CA [Review] : Unsafe practices.